General requests for support can be raised by anyone via the DNASTREAM website ( or by email to

For certain types of requests relating to DNASTREAM services and solutions, only authorised customer personnel (i.e. administrators or specified customer representatives) are permitted to raise support requests. This applies for the following:

  • Rapid Launch Portal administrator support - requests for support should be made only by registered customer administrators who have received the necessary training or knowledge transfer to ensure they are proficient in the role of administrator
  • Rapid Launch Content maintenance - requests for content maintenance (where available under an active content maintenance agreement) should be made only by authorised customer personnel
  • Requests relating to Support Portal accounts - requests for new Support Portal accounts or changes to existing accounts may only be made by authorised customer personnel or a customer user with an existing Support Portal account

Access to the DNASTREAM Support Portal is provided to authorised customer personnel, who are able to raise support requests directly in the portal relating to issues, service requests, feature requests and queries.