The Rapid Launch LMS portal is accessed using a URL (web address) that is uniquely assigned to your organisation. When your user account is created for your organisation's Rapid Launch LMS Portal, the welcome email will include the URL you should use for accessing the portal or a link to the login page. It is advisable to create a bookmark for the login page when you first access it, to make it easy to access later.

To create a bookmark, please follow the following procedure according to the web browser you are using:

  • Internet Explorer: Click Favorites in the top menu bar then choose Add to Favorites - in the Add Favorite dialog box enter a name and folder location then click Add
  • Chrome and Firefox: Click the star icon in the URL box - in the pop-up box enter a name and folder location then click Done

The URL to access the portal will take the form The text yourorganisation should be replaced with the name of your organisation or the name of your Rapid Launch Portal.

In most cases, when you are assigned to a new curriculum or a classroom training event, a link will be included in the notification email that will automatically direct you to your organisation's Rapid Launch LMS Portal.

If you need assistance to determine the correct URL to use, please contact DNASTREAM support via our website ( or via email at for assistance.